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Venture Director, PlayerHub

Worked with the management team from inception of the company to lead the strategy on pitch development, the building out of fundraising materials, and outreach to the venture capital community. Michael was also responsible for the development of a variety of special projects, content, and the negotiations of some of the company's most important deals.

After working with the principals to see through the fundraising of their 42-acre sports complex in Long Island, New York, Michael was tapped to help launch and fund the group's newest venture, PlayerHub - a first of its kind software platform for the youth sports industry.

Venture Building, Barca America

Lead efforts in Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to raise EB5 capital as well as coordinate non-taxable bond financing for the 42.6 acre development project in Long Island, New York for the DestinationKP Project, home to FC Barcelona New York Academy, and the largest sports and medical complex in the tri-state region.

Together with Prospect Sports Partners and their joint venture with FC Barcelona, Barca America, Michael was responsible for leading all EB5 financing and coordinating the non-taxable bond finance deal for the $41M development deal.

In this capacity, Michael worked with on the ground agents across the ASEAN region, organizing and speaking to groups of 50+ HNWI to court investment for the project.

Developed Fundraising Material,

Manage Fundraising + M&A,

Business Development

In charge of creating and strategizing all fundraising material for VisiSonics, managing M&A negotiations, assisting on licensing negotiations, developing special programs.

Together with the top executives of the company, Michael worked to communicate VisiSonics' messaging and design to investors in a way that would instantly catch their attention and easily drive home the value proposition of the business.

Michael also leads all M&A discussions on behalf of the company including outreach, negotiation, and due diligence.

Finally, Michael led the effort to create the first ever 3D audiobook that was done in partnership with VisiSonics, Spotify, and Sofia Ek.

Developed Fundraising Material

In charge of creating and strategizing all fundraising material for Barely Bread as they raised capital.

Together with the CEO of the company, Michael worked to communicate Barely Bread's messaging and design to investors in a way that would instantly catch their attention and easily drive home the value proposition of the business.

Developed Fundraising Material, Legal Framework, and Expansion Strategy

In charge of creating and strategizing fundraising material for BlackOps Basketball and their expansion into a wider brand

Together with Chris Brickley, world renowned NBA workout guru,Michael worked to design the strategy and communication of the BlackOps business. In order to prepare the company to raise capital, Michael lead the process of creation both the visual and the financial documentation, as well as putting together the legal framework for both the company and financing round.

Charity Partner, Sponsorships

Lead efforts to secure sponsors for the charitable Mural Festival at the Maya Angelou Community High School.

Under Michael's leadership at REPRESENT, he spearheaded the partnership with Branded Arts to be a charity partner at the groundbreaking mural festival in South Central Los Angeles where he courted sponsors like Newmark Knight Frank to write donations directly to the school to support the event.

This cultural festival was one of the largest festivals to take place at a high school as was featured in The New York Times, The LA Times, LA Weekly, Hypebeast, ArtNet, and more.

Partnerships Director,

Venture Capital

Originated one of the largest VR distribution deals in history. Performed due diligence, worked with portfolio companies, wrote investment memos, and represented the company in VR community.

Experius VR is one of the premier virtual reality independent virtual reality studios in the country. Michael was responsible for bringing in the company's 7-figure, multi-film deal with The Void. He also worked with the company on a variety of shoots and partnerships, including Honda, DC United, F1, Discovery Communications, and beyond. He also performed due diligence and made investment recommendations for the company.

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