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Alone at the Abandoned Manor with Adriana Mora and Caroline Constas

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

When me and Salsa (Adriana Mora) found this abandoned property down the street from where we are staying in Sands Point, we couldn't believe our eyes. The magical aura of this 20 acre+, $20mm property that sits at the tip of the Sands Point peninsula sings Gatsby through the branches of its sprawling tree tops.

We knew that we needed to capture something here and that it had to be just as magnificent as the property itself, but with just a doom-buggy for transportation and cameras and alarms hidden everywhere, we only had time to shoot one look.

So, with the leafy greens and stone arches, we went bold and chose this vibrant Caroline Constas Olivia Dress.

Here's what we were able to capture in just a few minutes:

© Michael Orso


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