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Keeping Cool With Julio Galvez

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The word "cool" has always been a tough one for me. It depends on one's perception and therefore it can mean so many different things:

Cool can be the rebel skater kid who is one with the city streets.

Cool can be the ravers who weigh themselves down to the music.

Cool can be the athlete who never lets distractions interfere with focus.

But no matter what your perception of cool is, Julio Galvez, AKA The Whooligan, also 1/2 of Room Service International, is as cool as it gets.

The cool I see in Julio is the ease that comes with being at peace with yourself;

The patience that comes with being sure of yourself;

The truth that comes when you don't feel the need to be someone beyond yourself;

The selflessness that sings when doing good is not intertwined with ego;

The persistence that is necessary to make your dreams reality;

The presence that lets each conversation be one that is meaningful.

When I think about cool, I think about living a life of meaningful happiness - one where you can be at peace within yourself and radiate love outside yourself. That is what Julio does. That is why Julio, at least to me, is the definition of cool. And that coolness is what I tried to capture in this shoot.


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