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Read the Stories of Men Raped By Women Detailed in This Reddit AMA

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

You won't believe the stories about these men being sexually assaulted by women, and THAT'S THE PROBLEM.

Last night, I found myself scouring the corners of the Reddit where I found one of the most interesting AMA (ask me anything) threads I have ever seen. Cross linked in the Men's Rights subreddit under the social issues tag, the AMA was about a topic rarely talked about: men being raped by women.

I had written a recent article critiquing power, sexual abuse, and youth culture after watching the recently released Leaving Neverland documentary detailing the accounts of two of Michael Jackson's sexual abuse victims. But unlike this article that covered the sexual abuse of young boys by powerful men likeMichael Jackson, George Pell, and Kevin Spacey , this Reddit AMA that most don't take seriously: women sexually abusing men.

The thread, titled: "[Serious] Men of reddit who got raped by women, what's your story?" was upvoted more than 23,000 times, had 5,000+ comments and countless stories with detailed accounts of these men's experiences.

Before linking the most upvoted posts, I will point out a few key themes that were consistent throughout the majority of stories:

1) Victims are ridiculed and people don't believe them
2) The accounts often involve overconsumption of alcohol
3) It deeply effects victims future relationships, sex life, and trust levels

Read the following accounts for yourself and leave a comment with your thoughts on the AMA and its contents.

11 Year Old Raped by Aunt

Woman Sexually Assaults 16 Year Old Boyfriend, Takes His Virginity

9 Year Old Boy Sexually Abused by Piano Teacher

Why "Fucking a High School Teacher" is Not Cool

Two Accounts of Women Sexually Abusing Men While They Are Passed Out Drunk

1 Yorum

21 Haz 2021

I just want to say the "why "fucking a high school teacher" is not cool" is on point when that person listed the impacts sleeping with a person in a position of trust could have on you. I'm sorry for all those guys that were taken advantage of and raped. I was raped by my moms now ex best friend when I was still learning to add and I was REAL young that time. She just laid me back licked my stomach and put my penis in her mouth and just... did things to me. As a kid I didn't even know what sex was and I didn't know what the heck she was doing but when she was done…

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