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The Maya Angelou Mural Festival: One Year Later

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Shepard Fairey, Inside Out Project, Rabi for the Maya Angelou Mural Festival, Photo By Wiseknave

A year ago, under the vision of Branded Arts, we threw the#MayaAngelouMuralFestival where we transformed the environment for a generation of students at one of the largest high schools in South Central Los Angeles (The Maya Angelou Community High School) at a time when art budgets across the country were being slashed.

See the recap video here:

A mixture of internationally renowned street artists and local artists came together to turn the Maya Angelou Community High School into a living and breathing outdoor museum.

Add Fuel for The Maya Angelou Mural Festival, Photo by Wiseknave

10,000+ people attended the events which ranged from watching the painting of the walls to listening to DMC from Run DMC drop knowledge to an intimate concert with South Central LA native Miguel.

The most beautiful part is the festival's interactivity: all of the students from the school got to participate throughout the entire suite of programmed events from participating in the design committee to physically painting the murals. Now, thousands and thousands of children will call these walls their home over the coming decades.

Bringing a portion of the funds together for this project was truly one of the great privileges of my 25 years on this earth. I remember walking around by myself on the last day of the festival and dropping a tear as I internalized how special this was. I’m hoping these kids can get back to school in the fall (per COVID) because as much as I love and embrace technology, there’s nothing that beats the physical. Before Coronavirus came along, I was working on bringing this to NYC, specifically the Bronx. And I promise one day that will happen.

Again, shout out to Branded Arts for his incredible vision. Truly amazing.


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