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Don't Wait For Yesterday

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

A poem by Purpose The Poet written to inspire action in light of the coronavirus pandemic

As we head into another one of these weird pandemic weeks in which the days all seem to melt into one another, I wanted to share this poem that I wrote while reflecting on the fact that things will probably never “go back to normal,” no matter how much we pretend they will. Our world has been fundamentally changed, and while many of us have been sitting here waiting for yesterday, we have to accept that yesterday is gone, and so are it’s dreams of tomorrow. That beings said, today we have a chance to build a new normal; to define a new era of progress; to take unprecedented action to create a world better than the one has so quickly slipped through of fingers. Every one of you can be part of bringing this to life, but not if you keep waiting for yesterday.

Written to inspire action by individuals in the face of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, Don't Wait For Yesterday is a poem that questions begs us to question the future of yesterday and ignite us to take the steps today to building the solutions that will define the future of tomorrow.

Like this poem? Share it with a friend who is capable or already is taking action to build the post-pandemic world.


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