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The Dopest Outfits from Lazor Wulf

Updated: May 25, 2020

While the masses might not know it, Lazor Wulf is next up to be one of Adult Swims top animated television shows. Well, at least if I have anything to say about it.

You may ask, Michael, how would you know? Do you know anything about animation? Are you sleeping with a network executive? Are you a witch?


But that's not how I know. What I do know is this...

Lazor Wulf, which cast Vince Staples as the lead character, has the best fits in the animation game. In fact, it might be the official Hypebeast TV Show.

While there are reviews that thrash one of the only cartoons created and run by a majority black cast and crew for being too random and unable to differentiate the character personalities from one another, they fail to miss what makes this show so sick: its ability to incorporate modern fashion into an animated series that can resonate with young people.

I mean take a look at King Yeti's neon track suit and his flat-frame sunnies while he kills this two-pinky out bike ride.

But everyone knows style runs in the family...

Check out King Yeti's pops.

And Canon Wulf never ceases to be covered in bling. Always sporting the fire cyclops sunnies with the signature gold frames that match the canon on his back and the chain on his neck. You bet its 24k.

You even catch him selling his own "MURCH" during primetime events like when the cast and crew were hollerin' at the moon. ABH: Always be husting.

Canon Wulf's DELICADANCERS might out do him though. They rock assorted one piece neon track suits pulled over their heads (room for the hair of course) accompanied by white, pink lipped kicks.

Even God, who is one of the show's main characters, proves that he knows how to rock eclectic eyewear when rolling up to the club. The angel wings on the top frame is a nice little detailed touch.

Although to be honest, I don't think his boy Wallace, whose bandaid pullover looks like it was pulled right out of an Ice Cream look book, approves.

Even Stupid Horse, can rock some pretty, well... stupid looking stuff. A blue suit with a matching top hat and an orange jabot? Come on...

Sometimes it seems that the more random character, the more fire the fit...

Point proved.

So, if you're a fashion kid and you're looking for a new animated show to watch, or you're trying to support black creators, go watch the first season of Lazor Wulf (episodes are only 10 minutes long).

P.S. I should probably figure out how to profit off this while its still small because I'm convinced it will blow up.


2020 © Copyright Michael Orso


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