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The Perks of Quarantining With Creatives: Michael Orso and Brooke Perry Shoot Photos for Free People

Sometimes quarantining with creative friends pays off, especially when you end up doing a photoshoot for Free People around the neighborhood. This weekend, The Lions NY model Brooke Perry, Costa Rican model and stylist Adriana Mora, and myself teamed up as a quarantine crew of best friends to shoot some on location photos around the neighborhood of Sands Point, where I grew up and we have been camped out. With a 72 hour turn around time and only one day of sun, we did our best to capture the denim capsule and the bohemian, fun loving style of the Free People brand. While there were nine total looks, I only got around to putting six of them here... hey, you can't love everything you shoot. Without further ado, with 24 hours to spare, here's what we turned around:

Look #1: Jean Jacket, White Tank Top, Denim Skirt

Look #2: Black Sweater, White Denim Jeans, Doc Martens

Look #3: Led Zeppelin Tee, Denim Pinstripe Pants, Vans

Look #4: Ripped Tee with Pocket, Black Denim Pants, Doc Martens, Gold and Silver Lock Necklace

Look #5: Button Down Long Sleeve Denim Tee, Leather Jacket, White Denim Jeans, Converse

Look #6: Cozy Long Sleeve Shirt, Matching Sweatpants, Denim Jacket

And if you got this far... I'll give you one more for good measures :)

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share. Or don't. Whatever.

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